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Welcome to Orinoestore.com, your ultimate art & Craft online shopping store! It’s nice of you to take the time to get to know us better. Here are some things about us that we thought you might like to know. We are driven by a desire to inspire and provide the greatest shopping experience for our valuable customers,  to entice their Mind, Body & Soul with our hand made craft items which are very unique in nature with mind-blowing creativity, In addition to the above we also provide Web Development service, SEO, Social media Marketing related services.

OUR VISION:-To inspire the world through Hand Crafted mind-blowing unique creations and ideas.

 OUR MISSION:-To provide a complete Mind, Body, and Soul soothing experience for all Art  & Craft lovers.

 OUR VALUES:-  Orinoestore is guided by strong shared values (not for us, but for all). We love, we serve, we create, we innovate, we give, we save, we enjoy and we inspire with a smile & we are always there for you.

OUR SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY:-We want to lead the change towards sustainability by embarking on environmentally friendly initiatives, reduce carbon emission, conserving resources, and looking out for the welfare of communities and fauna and flora alike (Serve others, not thy self).

Who we are.
We are family/friends of artisans who would like to display our unique and artistically created handcrafted goods & creations to the global market. We produce a wide range of unique creative artistic products ranging from hand made jewelry, Earrings, Bracelets, pottery, art, paintings, unique fashion clothing, Tote Bags, handcrafts, Wood Carvings, Souvenirs  & Gifts products, Leather products, Shoes, Rusted Iron art, fancy items, fabric items, wall hangers, chandeliers,  ornaments to name a few. We use www.orinoestore.com  platform, which is a fully-fledged e-commerce system that is world-class, w
ith hassle-free with online payment options & COD (Cash on Delivery) options.  We have 365- day customer support. We have a great reliable  & economical distribution network locally and internationally.

In a time of increasing automation, it’s our mission to keep human connection at the heart of commerce, hence we also provide Digital Services such as Web designing, Networking, Music file download, MIDI, Backup Tracks, MP3, MP4, Video Games, e-commerce site creations, Advertising, Image enhancement, Data Entry, Social media marketing, Sound enhancements, Multimedia setup, Event management, DJ,  Digital marketing, Short story (pdf) download, IT-  technical assistance,  Video editing & creations, content management system, data backup solutions, configurations, presentations to name a few.

Furthermore, we are an online e-commerce Store, mainly focused on handmade artistic vintage craft items. 

Our main focus is on the following interesting categories. 

1. Hand Craft 

2. Art and Paintings 

3. Digital Services 

4. Mix Bag.

 For your convenience, we will elaborate on the categories with some sample content.

1.Hand craft:-Hand Crafted Jewelry(earrings, Necklaces, Chains, bracelets, ear studs – readily available items), Tote bags, Home Décor, Clothing,  Hand made Jewelry, Pottery, Wood Carvings, Hammocks,  Dream Charms, Handloom items, Ornaments, Gift Items, Toys,  etc.

2.Art & Paintings:- Paintings by Native country:-  In general there are many styles in existence eg, Modernism, Impressionism, Abstract Art, Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Chinese Style, a Japanese style of painting, Indian Style, whatever your style I just give it a go, an amateur, professional, intermediate feel free to display it on this portal.  There is a saying that “ beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

Broad categories of art are classified as; painting, architecture, sculpture, literature, music, performing, and cinema our focus would be on Paintings on canvas or any material available. You have the freedom in using any media of your choice such as Tempera, oil painting, Acrylic painting, water colors, chalk, Graphic Pencil, Graphite, colored pencil, pen an ink


3.Digital Services:- Downloadable products (Short Stories-PDF) MIDI, MP#, MP4, WAV, Web Development,Digital Marketing Services, Web Designing, Portfolio creation, Video Creation, Musi Video, Social Media Marketing, Content writing, Data Entry Projects, Graphics, Logo Design, Networking, Backup, Remote Configuration and more, just drop us a text with your requirements we will come up with a solution.

4.Mixed Bag:- Any item used or unused Antique Iron, Rust Art, Ornaments, use Books,  a wrong buy and be sold here, artistically unique items are preferred but there isn’t any rule or regulation, it’s an open market for online trades. Example:- Antiques, Gift Items for him & gift items for her, Furniture, Sculpture, Wood Carvings, fashionable clothing, ornaments, Antiques, candles, Handloom items, Old Radio sets, Telephones, communication devices, Sound systems, speakers, etc. one man’s junk can be another’s treasure.

Please join us, and make it a global hub for art & craft with a human touch.

Please refer to our FAQ section for further clarifications.

About Our Company.

Company Name:- Universal Trade Services Reg. No. [WS 6527]  / www.orinoestore.com

 Company Address:-No.50/1B, Dippitigoda Road, 1st Lane, Dalugama, Kelaniya,  Sri Lanka, Our Branch office(s) in Manchester (UK), Australia.


Contact Numbers: 94-766812161

Email:- orino.e.store@gmail.com  or contact@orinoestore.com


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“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Maya Angelou.

Jehan Xavier


We believe that superior customer service & efficiency in logistic management is crucial for the sustainability of any company as a CEO, Hence we give topmost priority for the stated aspects. We are always open to feedback from our clients since we think that this two-way communication is the key to improvement and excellence. Moreover, we also believe that our employees are the biggest assets of the company since our reputation depends on their expertise and loyalty.

Orinoestore About Page

Jerome Xavier
Operations Manager
Manager Information Technology/Marketing & Customer Service.
Artist, Craftsman, Musician Fighter, Simple Humanbeing.

Creativity is recognizing different ideas and different opinions which are different but helps create an everlasting pleasing experience for all. We at Orinoestore, believe that innovative creativity & quality of our products should be the topmost priority and this can only be achieved if a positive vibrant attitude is promoted in the work environment. Our sophisticated, user-friendly e-commerce system with a secure server payment system will ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the payments. We are always open to feedback & response from our valuable clients, As we believe that this two-way communication is key for improvement. Have a safe shopping experience!.


Life takes us all on a journey, we meet, we party, we leave.....sometimes never to meet again. We are a group of artists who came to the party and sell you things and innovative ideas . We just hope you remember us and our products always.We are obsessed with our customers. We wouldn't have it any other way. A happy customer makes what we do every day seem so right. That's why we want to make visiting this site fun in the first place. We also want to make and sell products that leave a lifelong impression.


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Just love shopping online at orinoestore, I’m impressed by the high-quality handcrafted products and choices they have, I even received a free gift from Orinoestore, I will shop again and recommend Orinoestore for online shopping.

Bridget Fernando


Pavithra De Mel

Got my 1st parcel, the items are packed carefully. Love the handcrafted products from Orinoestore, quality is amazing, reasonable price too. Thank you orinoestore. I will shop again. I wish them good luck.

Pavithra De Mel Manager



I have been ordering from unique craft items from Orinoestore, very good delivery service & payment options, diverse product options, Thanks for the little add-on gift!, My best wishes.



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We appreciate if you join us, just be part of the company, opportunities are endless unless you try, we at OrinoEstore provide equal opportunities to everyone irrelevant of age, gender, country, race, we are just one family.

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