Mixed Bag

Mixed Bag:-Any artistic items that you think is good to display, used or brand new,   such as Antique Iron, Rust Art, Ornaments, use Books,  a wrong buy, excess stock, artistically unique items are preferred but there isn’t any rule or regulation, it’s an open market for online trades(anything legal). If we are to go further you can also display and sell  Pottery, Antiques, Gift Items for him & gift items for her, Furniture, Sculpture, Wood Carvings, fashionable clothing, ornaments, candles, candle stands, Coconut shell products, Leather products, Innovative products, cakes, consumables,  Handloom items, Old Radio sets, Telephones, cell phones, computers, communication devices, Sound systems, Spices, speakers, etc. one man’s junk can be another’s treasure. There might be so many items that are idling out there, Just sell it here and make money, can also exchange items.