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Statue of Thepanon in bronze, Divinity Buddhist Sculpture

Pair of Thai Guardian Angel Theponom/ Theponom Buddhist Sculpture Brass state old Amulet Region of origin is Thailand, Very unique piece of the rare vintage antique collection, Primary material Brass Colour – Multicolour, Antique / Vintage Gift bronze Healing mind-body & Soul Thai Theppanon Pair of Temple Guardian – Thailand – Second half of 20th Century Very rare in nature Art Asiatique

Some even call it Thepanon/ Thepanom are often represented as a pair, a brother and a sister, The Statues kneeling on both knees with hands at the wai position, praying or offering respect. The Thepanom first came to earth when Lord Buddha reached enlightenment. They became Buddha’s protector, then guardians of religious temples and artifacts such as scrolls. The definition of Thepanom was arrived at by reading descriptions of Thepanom statues and communicating with Thai people. The handmade bronze sculpture was molded using the ancient method of lost-wax casting and finished with a brown and green patina finish for preservation. It is a must-have item in all homes.

Statue of Thepanon in bronze, Divinity Buddhist Sculpture is a very unique piece.

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Statue of Thepanon in bronze, Divinity Buddhist Sculpture (SOLD out)

Superb statue Pair of Thepanon/ Thepanom in bronze.  Origin from Thailand, Asia. Solid bronze deity, It’s Lovely detailed Vintage Antique, Religious or ornamental Purposes, a Very Unique and rare piece of art, Core material: Solid gilded bronze.

Size Specification

Height: 7 inches
Width: 4 inches
Weight: 2.25 KG
In good condition despite its age.

Serial Number: O-MB-AN-17-2-2021-3-THAI

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Thepanom the protector in Thailand, not only of the temple but also of one’s own home. The detailed ornamentation makes it a very special protective item. Generally, each has a female and male character, positioned. Teppanom is a mythological angel and an integral part of the Thai Buddhist tradition. The idea is that the angels descended from Heaven to pay their respects when Lord Buddha achieved enlightenment (State of Nirvana) Nirvāṇa is a concept in Indian religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism) that represents the ultimate state of soteriological release, the liberation from rebirth and endless suffering. This statue is also known as the Statue of divinity Thepanon.  In general, Sculptures fall into four basic categories: 1.molded, 2.cast, 3.carved or  4.assembled. The media an artist uses for molded sculptures include clay, wax, papier-mache, and plaster. Cast sculptures involve modeling the sculpture, then making a mold and casting it in a metal or other medium.

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