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What is Hand Craft?

A craft is a pastime or a profession that requires particular skills and knowledge of skilled work and an artistic, creative mind with an object to achieve the final goal for creating a product(s). Things that are made by hand are called handicrafts.  

Something you make with your own hands, especially an ornament or decoration, a Necklace, Pendant, Earrings, Pottery, Wood Carvings, Paintings are examples of crafts products or Handcfrated items. Mainly crafted items are made or created by an artisan or a group of artisans, for some handcraft is a hobby, they use their heart, mind, and soul in it. Handcrafts fall under a very broad category of products, mainly they are made out of readily available raw materials native to their own country, hence each craft item ends up as a unique creation native to the relevant country.    In Sri Lanka, It is no secret that the creations of their hands are invincible in the world. Some of the native products handcrafted in Sri Lanka are given below.

Apparel (Tote bags, clothing, Fashion clothing, Women’s clothing, Men’s clothing, children’s clothing), Pottery (Ceramic and Porcelain/ clay pots, cups, cookery utensils, tabletops, candle holders, decorative pots, ornaments, statues, wall hangers, ), leather products (footwear, shoes, high heels,  leather wallets, pouches, hanger, belts, slippers, hats, handbags, traveling bags), Giftware, Handcrafted Jewelry (necklaces, Pendants, Earrings, Bracelets, wedding decorations), Handloom Products (Sares, bedsheets, soft toys, hammocks, tote bags), biodegradable plastic Products, Wooden products (elephant carvings, face mask) name a few, Rusted Art (items made out of Scrap Iron ), paintings (oil, acrylics, charcoal, watercolor), to name a few.

In this sophisticated modern automated world of computers (AI), robots, advanced machinery  & technology (nano), Handcraft  (pieces) products will remain thriving forever since mind, body & soul plays a great part in these unique creations.

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